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Peru Handicraft is an online alpaca company specialising in the highest quality Peruvian Alpaca Clothing. Our alpaca garments range is unique and comfortable. Beautifully Designed Alpaca Clothing from the Peruvian Leading Alpaca Company. We have a very large variety of alpaca garments including Baby Alpaca Sweaters, alpaca jackets, alpaca jumpers, baby alpaca clothing, alpaca capes, alpaca pochos, alpaca shawls, alpaca socks, TONS of alpaca socks!, alpaca cloaks capes and ruanas, alpaca winter hats (Peruvian chullos), alpaca gloves, alpaca toys, alpaca teddy bears, alpaca shawls, alpaca scarves, alpaca purses, alpaca blankets, alpaca throws, alpaca pillows, alpaca fur rugs, alpaca gifts and more! You will find new, fun and exciting alpaca garments, alpaca clothing and gift items regularly in our store. On you can find not only an designer alpaca sweater, baby alpaca jumpers or designer alpaca coats or alpaca jackets but also hand crafted alpaca gift items from local alpaca fiber artists and alpaca crafters (see Artists Showcase). Shop the latest womens wear from Peruhandicraft of Peru website including luxury alpaca knits, dresses, coats and accessories. Each product has a unique design and is 100% handmade in Peru, from several varieties of Alpaca. We strive to provide you with the best products from Peruvian artisans. We invite you to discover the fascinating alpaca fiber, which is soft like cashmere, warmer, lighter and more durable than wool. Alpaca Fiber comes in an extraordinary variety of natural colors and is stronger than sheep wool. Alpaca clothing now online and available baby alpaca and 100% alpaca women’s, men’s, children's knitwear, clothing and accessories. A soft, luxurious and silky touch is synonymous with alpaca clothing. It is mostly made into winter wear as the wool is very warm. The most luxurious alpaca wool combine with style to form the fine range of garments, accessories and gifts available at Peruhandicraft Alpaca. Buy direct from the Famous Original Alpaca Sweater Market from the Andes Peru. Exclusive baby alpaca knitwear clothing. Garments made with Peruvian alpaca wool, ponchos, alpaca jumpers and fur rugs.
Imagine a fiber that is incredibly soft on the skin and luscious to touch. The fiber is extremely strong for sweaters, yet lightweight. It contains no lanolin and is hypoallergenic. Finally, this miracle fiber comes in a wide range of natural colors but also accepts dyes to provide the option of natural or dyed garments. Meet Alpaca fiber... These Alpaca Snow Bears are made with 100% baby alpaca They are hand made and there is no two alike. There is a limited number we can produce but we want to offer them as the perfect gift for the young and old. If you are buying one as a gift you may want to buy two since after you recieve them and hold them and feel the softness and see the cuteness you will want to keep one for yourself.
Alpaca Collections offers high-quality, comfortable alpaca clothing, fur rugs and accessories in the latest styles and designs. We supply the highest quality Peruvian alpaca clothing from the most experienced alpaca apparel manufacturer in the world. Alpaca clothes are known for being extremely warm, lightweight and soft; what is often forgotten is that alpaca clothing is durable, comfortable, and adaptable to every season. The process of turning raw alpaca fiber into textiles and ultimately fine alpaca clothing is similar to the process of other natural fibers including cotton, silk and sheep wool. Each natural fiber has its own strengths and weaknesses. Continued textile innovation and improved technology in both the breeding of the animals and the processing of the fibers results in the world class alpaca products that we carry. We believe in the finest alpaca textiles because they're durable, comfortable, lightweight, modern, amazingly soft on the skin, environmentally friendly and renewable. The amazing designers behind the products we carry are leading the way with innovative concepts and materials that integrate and highlight the best characteristics of alpaca with other natural fibers. They continue to create cutting edge textiles and styles, crafting beautiful designs for winter, summer, spring, and fall. Whether you enjoy comfort and warmth during the cold winter months or durability and breathability in the warm summer season, our alpaca wool products are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Online clothing store providing handmade mens & womans clothes shopping from around the world with free shipping.
Why Alpaca?
Alpacas are often called the "Gold of the Andes" because their extraordinary fiber is recognized as one of the most luxurious in the world.
The resilient fiber is not only strong, but is incredibly soft and lightweight. Alpaca wool is amazingly warm. It contains microscopic air pockets that provide excellent thermal insulation. Alpaca clothes are breathable, comfortable, long-lasting and wear resistant.
Alpacas are a green, eco-friendly resource. They are energy and water efficient; and have delicate small padded feet that leave terrains undamaged.
 Peru has a rich handicraft heritage which has evolved over centuries. The legacy of Peruvian culture promises everything - beauty, dignity, form and style.  inca peru was the largest Pre Columbian civilization in the Americas. the clothes or clothing that you can buy online like make shopping in Peru women in Peru 21 loves our articles you can find that in google and read more about our traditions in textiles. UPS gave a award our business like the best in 2011. We will provide to our customers that info. Woman of puno that are decendents of the Incas make our products. peru peru handicraft offert peru art, crafts textiles clothing in peru and clothing of alpaca to the world shop in our store.
The versatility of the materials, makes the Peru art truly unique. The peruvian art combined with the skill of the craftsmen, years of experience and innovative techniques, creates the finest crafts in the world. Peru handicraft is created to offer to the world the beauty of Peru craft. We offer peru handicraft, peru art, peruvian art, peru crafts, peru craft, peru artists, peru handicrafts, peru handcrafts. Free shipping worldwide.

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